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The Long Company Mummers

Long Company Mummers are a long-established team of players who delight audiences with their traditional play on only four nights in early January every year, ending on Twelfth Night (6 January). They’ve gone away now, until January next year. Mummers performance

What is the Long Company Mummers’ Play?

The play itself is an amalgam of traditional texts which have been selected by each player to be the best representation of their character. The characters are King Christmas, St George, The Prince of Paradine, Common Jack, The Doctor and Beelzebub. Supported by a band of musicians, the players arrive from the dark, deliver their seasonal play by lantern light, and disappear back into the night.

Each performance is followed by a music session in the pub, featuring songs, tunes and seasonal novelties performed by the assembled company.

Have a look at some samples of previous years’ performances on the LONG COMPANY VIDEOS page.